Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mutations in DNA

  1. SILENT: 3rd position = NO CHANGES
  2. MISSENSE: all the misses world are "beuty" = similar.
    • Similar structure of amino acids.
    • Sickle Cell.
  3. FRAMESHIFT: short protein and unfunctional.
  4. NO SENSE: STOP codon.
Silent <  Missense < Frameshift < No sense
  • It can occur in DNA or RNA.
  • SPLICESOME: B-thalassemia, SLE, Marfan's, T-cell disease, Gaucher's

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  1. Q: The image shows a mutation that can cause hemoglobinopathy:
    - mRNA transcript of normal gene UCU UCA CGU
    - mRNA transcript of mutation UCU UAA
    This is an example of which type of mutation?

    A: Nonsense mutation.