Friday, July 12, 2013

Muscle Sarcomere Structure

During the contraction what muscle fiber mantains its uncontracted length?

Focus in this MindMap:
  • Z line is "The zorro" ACTing with ACTIN (attached to actin). Be careful the lines not contracts.
  • I band includes the zorro act (Z + Actin), and its very active (short with contraction).
  • Myosin is like a skate board, the center makes H zone (myHosin), a little Hold in the skateboard-remember band H is the Hold or space between Actin filaments, it shorts with contraction until dissapear.
  • A band is the length of the skate board or myosin fiber. Myosin fiber is hard like wood, so they don't contract (ANSWER)

  • Z line: non contracts.
  • A band: non contracts.
  • H band: contracts.
  • I band: contracts
    • "HI contraction"

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