Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Coxsackie B Virus: focus in the MindMap the following:
  • Single Stranded SS (single CRAZY driver) - ALL RNA except REOvirus are SS.
  • No enveloped (no helmet)
  • Icosahedral (geometric shape green in the background)
  • Linear (motorcycle is linear)
  • RNA
  • DILATED Cardiomyopathy


  1. Q: A 56-year-old man presents to the emergency department with sharp substernal pain radiating to his back and arms. The patient is seated and leaning forward. He states that the pain is less severe in this position and worsens when he lies down and takes a deep breath. He also indicates that he recently recovered from a febrile illness. On physical examination a scratchy, leathery sound is heard at the left lower sternal border. An ECG confirms the diagnosis. Which virus is the most likely cause of this condition?

    A: Coxsackie B virus. The most common pathogen that causes inflammation of the pericardial membrane - Pericarditis

  2. Q: A young 22 years old man, no significant medical history c/o chest pain and palpitations when is working out or jogging. Physical exam positive for a new systolic murmur, pitting edema, new S3 gallop, elevated cardiac enzymes. What virus(es) is the most frequent responsible for these findings in young patients?

    A: RNA single stranded, no enveloped, linear, icosahedral virus = Coxsackie B virus.