Sunday, March 24, 2013

DNA Viruses

DNA Viruses
Mnemonic: "HHAPPPPy viruses"
  1. Herpesvirus
  2. Hepdnavirus
  3. Poxvirus
Naked DNA Viruses
  1. Adenovirus
  2. Parvovirus
  3. Papilloma
  4. Polyoma
Focus in the MindMap below the NAKED ADN viruses:
  • ADENOvirus is like ADENOids, double, naked into the throat and linear. They have RED EYES.
  • PAPILLOMA and POLIOmavirus, like the picture, 2 persons naked (double), one with polio and the other with fire (papiloma) in her CIRCULAR as.
  • A naked PAVOvirus with a LINEAR long neck, the most important is serotype B19 that produces fifth diseases and aplastic anemia in patients with hemolytic anemia (sickle cells, thalassemia, etc.), in utero causes hydrops fetalis.
  • HEPAdnavirus (HBV), is a liver with 2 CIRCULAR eyes enveloped for a hepatic capsule.
  • Double cigarettes (linear shape) enveloped for a paper skin in the mouth (HERPES and POXviruses).
  • JC virus is a POLIOmavirus (see mindmap: DNA, double, naked, circular), infects oligodendroglial cells in the brain, produces progressive multifocal leukoencephalopaty (PML) in AIDS patients. NO treatment.
  • EBV is a Herpesvirus and it infects about 50% of patients with Hodkin's lymphoma.
Q1: African american 4 yo F patient, with severe foot and toes pain, and severe anemia. What virus is the responsible?
A1: Parvovirus B19.

Q2: A researcher isolates a new double-stranded DNA virus that is sensitive to alcohol. What is the most likely means by which this virus would be transmitted in nature?
A2: Sexual / parenteral. Virus that are sensitive to alcohol are fragile, enveloped, viruses. They tend to be transmitted in ways that protect them from desiccation or change in temperature.

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